Friday, June 6, 2008

My Best Friend 4 Ever

My best friend is Jessica Ramirez when I am always sad or I don't feel good she is always there for me. She is a good friend she always wants the best for me. When I need an advice I always called her and she would tell me what should I do I now her since we were in Calvin Simmons in 6th grade. Jessica is a nice person and a good friend we just to do alot of crazy things but not no more I will always be there when you need something. LOVE YA

I didn't came to school

Yesterday I didn't came to school because I was really sick I had a flu and my head was hurting so bad. The only thing that I did was watch tv and take care of my soon. I wanted to come to school because I wanted to go to the field trip but I could'n because I was really sick. In the night I couldn't go to sleep because I couldn't breath that well and my head was still hurting so I was almost all night allwake. Today I am still sick but I feel much better than yesterday so I decide to come to school and I am here writing why did I didn't come to school.

My challenges during this project

The challenges that I have in this class is when we went to places to interview people I get a little shy to go ask them because I don't no them. The thing that I like the most is when me and my group tried new food I thought that I wasn't going to like it but when I tried it was really good. I really like tasting new food and the crepes especially the desert straberries with chocolate I think that its good to try new things. The thing that I haven't done before is to go up to people that I don't now and tell them if I could interview them. But the thing that I didn't like about going to ask them is that they would said NO. But the good thing is that we got people that let us interviw them.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Castro District of San Francisco

Well yesterday we went to the Castro District to interview people. The experience that we have is that every people that we ask if we could interview them they would said yes not like the other places that we went they would said no. When we got to the Castro I felt really weird because is a different place from Oakland the other thing that they have in the Castro is that they have a lot of colorful flags which I had never seen before. They also have a lot of type of stores that sale some weird things. The thing that I like the most is when we went to the park because the park is so big and they also let the dogs to be there not in here in Oakland they don't aloud that.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Reflection on Lakeshore and Rose Garden

Well yesterday we went to Lakeshore to interview people about Aesthetics.When we were asking people if we could interview them some of them said no because they were in a hurry. But some of them will said yes the reason that I think that they would said yes is because we only tell them that its only going to be like tree questions. The thing that I liked the most of the six people that we interview is that they were really nice and they answer our questions. When we finished doing the interviews we were going to the Rose Garden when we were on our way I was already tired because we walk a lot. But when we finally got to the Rose Garden It was really nice every where that I look there was alot of roses I really like it alot its a nice place to go to.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Being a young mom

Well for me being a young mom and come to school at the same time. It wasn't easy because I wasn't sure how things was going to change. When I had my baby I didn't went to school like for two months but when I went back I felt different because I wasn't with my baby and I miss him a lot the only thing that I think about is that I wanted to go home and be with him. The days that I come to school my mom takes care of him until I get out of school. Right now my baby is 8 months and I still come to school and next year I will be a senior. For me is easier to come to school and take care of my baby because he is bigger than he was when he was born my mom just to help me take him a bath but now I do it all by my self. I feel very happy because he could say ma ma and pa pa he also says ta ta. He also has two teeth I can believe how quick they grow.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In my neighborhood

The things that I like about my neighborhood is that its really quiet but you could hear the noise of the cars passing by. The other thing that I like is that were I live infront of my house there is a park and its really nice because there is a lot of trees. Its also near of alot stores so I don't have to go on the car I just go walking. Long time ago a few blocks were I live I heard some gun shots it was in the night like around nine. I dont remember what I was doing but I went outside to see what had happend I was really scared when I saw a lot of police and the ambulance outside of the apartment. A lot of people were outside and they said that a young boy pass by while a lady was walking to her house and he shot her. They also said that the guy shot like tree times but the lady got only one shot that was on her leg so they said that she was going to be ok.